Welcome to our new online portal. The Living Refugee Archive Digital Library is a pilot project funded by the University of East London’s Civic Engagement Fund. This digital resource has been created as part of the Refugee Council Archive’s civic engagement project to establish a Living Refugee Archive to encourage greater preservation and accessibility to materials that can help document and preserve the history of refugee, migrant, asylum and displaced voices.

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Welcome to the Living Refugee Archives online resource. This website has been developed by staff within UEL’s Library and Learning Service Archives department to provide a central resource for accessing our digital and physical collections.

Digital Library

Welcome to the pilot Living Refugee Archive digital library resource. We are interested in improving accessibility, awareness and engagement with our archival collections and success with social media encourage to pilot this digital library project.


Welcome to the Multimedia resources section of the Living Refugee Archive website.  Further information can be found on these pages in relation to the availability of thematic  podcasts, oral histories, videos, photographs and related resources.


Enabling access to archives and online research tools is an important part of our work.  We will aim to facilitate access to research materials through the creation of research guides and an online research directory.


Archives have a very important role to play in documenting our history and heritage, preserving our memories; recording our testimonies and reinforcing identity creation.  How can we document the history of migration within our archives?


The Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) was an independent information and research organisation formerly based at the Runnymede Trust. During 2015, we were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to host the physical