Paul has over a decade’s experience working within the Higher Education Archives field and is currently responsible for the Archive collections held here at UEL.  The University of East london has collectiong strengths within the fields of refugee and forced migration studies; Olympic and sports studies; and theatre studies.  Our current collections include the Refugee Council Archive; Hackney Empire Theatre Archive; and the British Olympic Association Archive and Library.


Paul Dudman is the Archivist based at the University of East London.  Paul has been responsible for the Refugee Council Archive at UEL since 2002 and has over a decade’s experience working within higher education archives. Paul has been involved with the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives and is a co-convenor of the IASFM (International Association for the Study of Forced Migration) Working Group on for the Archiving and Documentation of the History of Forced Migration. Paul is currently working on two civic engagement projects to create an online portal for mental health practitioners and to work with performing arts students at UEL to create participatory performance pieces based upon narratives found in our archival collections. Paul is interested in the role of archives in helping to support the collection and preservation of first-hand life histories and testimonies both for their importance for allowing often marginalised voices to be heard and for their ability to support refugee advocacy. On behalf of the Refugee Archives at UEL, Paul has been undertaken civic engagement and outreach work to raise awareness of the importance of refugee archives and to encourage the use of oral history in documenting life histories of refugees. Paul is a member of a range of professional bodies including the Archives and Records Association, the Oral History Society, the International Council on Archives, the British Records Association and the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration.


Paul’s research interests are focused on the role of archives in documenting and preserving the personal narratives and life histories of migration. Paul has a background in history and postgraduate qualifications in in both Library Studies and Archival Science. Paul’s research interests incorporate archival theory; oral history; narrative research; refugee studies and history. Paul’s is also know to dabble in Web Design and Social Media.

Conference Papers

The Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford,  international Refugee Voices conference.
Monday 24 March – Tuesday 25 March 2014.

This conference will explore the voices and aesthetic expressions of those dispossessed, displaced and marginalised by the pre-eminence of the nation-state.

My paper entitled, “Democratic access or privileged exclusion: preserving (and listening!) to the voice of the refugee within the archival record of the nation-state?”.  For further information, www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/events/refugee-voices.

Beyond Borders: 76th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists: San Diego,  9-11 August 2012.

In August 2012, I presented a paper entitled, “Rescuing Refugee Archives:  Preserving the History of the Refugee Experience, a UK Perspective,” at the Society of American Archivists 76th Annual Meeting held in San Diego.  This was part of a panel session on “Beyond Resettlement: Overcoming Hurdles to Document the Experiences and Contributions of Refugees.”

External Roles

Paul is involved in a number of projects including being a Co-convenor of the IASFM (International Association for the Study of Forced Migration) Working Group on the Archiving and Documentation of the History of Forced Migration and also the Oral History Society Special Interest Group on Migration.  Paul is also responsible for Web and Strategy at the Migration and Asylum Network and the Emerging Scholars and Practitioners on Migration Issues Network.  Paul has worked with the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives and manages the Living Refugee Archive website.


My recent publications include:

Dudman, Paul V. (2017) ‘Documenting the undocumented: International engagement, archives and preserving the refugee experience (part one)’, ARC Magazine, (329), pp. 8-9.

Dudman, Paul V. (2016) ‘Hidden Histories, Forgotten Narratives’, Refugee History. Available at: http://refugeehistory.org/blog/2016/12/1/hidden-histories-forgotten-narratives (Accessed 05/12/2017 2017].

Dudman, Paul V. (2016) ‘How can archives document, preserve and make accessible the material culture and first-hand testimonies of refugees through civic engagement’, Citizens Voices Newsletter, (4), pp. 20.

Hashem, Rumana and Dudman, Paul V. (2016) ‘Paradoxical narratives of transcultural encounters of the “other”: Civic engagement with refugees and migrants in London’, Transnational Social Review, 6(1-2), pp. 192-199. doi:  10.1080/21931674.2016.1186376

Dudman, Paul V. (2013) ‘Beyond borders: reflections on the SAA Conference in San Diego’, ARC Magazine, (282), pp. 21-23.

Website and Social Media

Paul is happy to be contacted and further details can be found as follows:

Website:  www.paulvdudman.org.uk/
E-mail:  p.v.dudman@uel.ac.uk
Twitter: @PaulDudman