Workshop on the Recognition of Refugee Qualifications With or Without Documentation:

UK NARIC is currently involved in two EU funded projects, focussed on supporting the recognition of refugees’ qualifications without documentation: ‘European Qualifications Passport for Refugees’(EQPR) and the ‘Refugee Qualifications Toolkit’ (TREFUGEE).

Acknowledging the value of refugees’ skills and education to their host country, but the difficulties in acknowledging those where documentation is not reliable or available, the two projects EQPR and TREFUGGE are working to develop a process and a toolkit to support higher education institutions and competent authorities in the recognition of refugee qualifications. This session will provide an overview of the activities that have been undertaken in each project, providing the details of the pilot process employed by the EQPR and welcome the audience’s feedback and suggestions on how this could potentially be incorporated within Admissions departments in UK HEIs.

The session will provide the opportunity to share the various tools developed, including questionnaire, interview templates and country briefings which may be taken, reviewed and adapted for use by UK HEIs with a view to receiving feedback on how useful and practical these tools are.

If you would like to attend please book your place here:

Venue address: USG.19 at the UEL University Square Stratford Campus, 1 Salway Place, London, England E15 1NF

Time: 9.30-12.00