Call for Articles, News and Content:

Launch and Call for Papers: Displaced Voices – A Journal of Archives, Migration and Cultural Heritage (Volume 1, Issue 1).

On behalf of the Living Refugee Archive, we are very pleased to be able to announce the Launch and Call for Papers for new online magazine: Displaced Voices – A Journal of Archives, Migration and Cultural Heritage (Volume 1, Issue 1).  (

Displaced Voices a new online digital magazine launching in 2020 by the Living Refugee Archive. It aims to provide a digital platform for activists, archivists, researchers, practitioners and academics to contribute to issues pertaining to refugee and migration history; refugee and migrant rights; social justice; cultural heritage and archives. We welcome a range of contributions to the magazine including articles of between 1000-1500 words; reports on fieldwork in archival collections; book recommendations and reviews; and more creative pieces including (but not limited too) cartoons; photography; and poetry. We would also welcome news on activities; publication of reports; projects; letters and news from your own networks.

Displaced Voices will be a triennial magazine published in March, July and November every year. Our initial deadline for submissions of articles and content for the first edition is midnight on Friday, 28th February 2020.  Further information can also be found in our supporting Call for Papers document available for download in PDF format.

Produced and edited by archivists, academics and activists at the Living Refugee Archive based at the University of East London. Our aim is for this magazine to engage with issues pertaining the intersection of refugee and migration studies with participatory archive and oral history methodologies and the role of cultural heritage in relation to the refugee experience. Broad themes will include refugee and migration history; cultural and intangible history; community memory and notions of identity; the role of archives and oral history in documenting the refugee and migration experiences.

Magazine Themes

Thematically we are looking to engage with articles that explore the intersection of refugee and forced migration studies; history and cultural heritage studies; narrative research; oral history and archival science. Whilst we may look to focus on thematic magazine issues from time to time, we would be very interested in receiving articles for submission relating to the following broad subject areas:

  • Refugee and migration history.
  • The role of archives in supporting refugee and migrant rights.
  • Oral history projects with displaced communities.
  • Ethics of archiving/ undertaking oral history projects with displaced communities.
  • Methodologies for undertaking narrative research / life history work with displaced communities.
  • Archives and human rights.
  • (In-) tangible cultural heritage.
  • Case studies on working with archival collections relating to displaced communities.
  • Refugee rights in archives.
  • The archive as witness.
  • Contested history, narratives and archives.
  • Collaboration in times of crisis.
  • Documenting global and local refugee voices
  • First aid measures to protect cultural heritage under direct threat of natural or man-made disasters.
  • Research and advocacy for marginalized communities and displaced peoples.
  • Storytelling and life history narratives.
  • Repatriation of archives and records.

Submitting an Article

To submit an article for publication in Displaced Voices, please send an email with your article as an attachment in Microsoft Word (*.docx; *.doc or *.rtf formats) to the editor, Paul V. Dudman, at

In your email, please use “Submission of Article for Cultural Threads, Displaced Voices” as the message Title. Please also include the following information within the body of the message: a) Author’s name (and preferred designation); b) Title of the article; c) An abstract of 150 words; and d) Relevant information about the author, including instructional affiliation and email address.

Our full Call for Papers and submission guidance is available online via the Living Refugee Archive and can be downloaded via the link here [Displaced Voices Call for Papers].