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Citizen Voices No. 13 (May 2019) by Citizens Rights Watch ( @CitizensRW )

The latest Citizens Rights Watch Newsletter has just been published online and is open access.  CITIZENS VOICES No. 13 (May 2019) includes  information about CRW’s work, mission and philosophy! Reports and articles by our activists and researchers, Book recommendations, and Cartoons for Human Rights! Useful links, and NGOs we support. Human rights news, Petitions and Calls for Action, human rights issues, human rights articles by academics, social workers, human rights defenders, concerned citizens.

It is not often we indulge in flagrant self publicity but in this particlular edition, there exisits an interview with poet, activist and artist Sonia Quintero and also an article on voluntary sector archives by our very own archivist, Paul Dudman.

Thank you to all at CRW for producing another timely edition supporting human and citizen rights.

To read and download the latest edition, please click on the following link:

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