New Publication from the LSE Middle East Centre:

The Long-Term Challenges of Forced Migration: Perspectives from Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Ahead of next week’s UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants, we are pleased to launch our latest collection of papers, in English and Arabic, reflecting on challenges posed by the Syrian refugee emergency in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and the wider Middle East.

These papers were presented at a workshop organised by the LSE Middle East Centre on 17–18 June 2016, bringing together a wide group of academics, policy-makers and civil society representatives. In addition to the papers presented, key themes covered in the discussion have resulted in a set of recommendations relevant to different stakeholders. A video presents highlights from the workshop.

Both refugees and host communities have thus far shown astonishing levels of resilience and patience. However, their endurance is not without limits. Efforts towards conflict resolution have made little progress, and 6 years on, the conflict has become protracted. The most effective way of tackling the Syrian refugee emergency is, first and foremost, by ending the conflict in Syria. Yet, while the crisis continues, it is crucial to explore new perspectives and stimulate debate on how to enhance the lives and conditions of refugees and host communities alike.

Find the papers and video here: