A new resource has been published by the UK Data Service entitled the Anglo-Jewry Database, 1851.  Released as Study Number 7668 on the 23 March 2015, the Anglo-Jewry Database aims to document and record the vital elements of the lives of almost 30,000 Jewish inhabitants of the British Isles as they were recorded in the year 1851.

This dataset was recorded by a team of 270 contributors on behalf of the UK Data Service and the data has been aggregated from the population census  and a vareity of both published and unpublished sources.  This dataset therefore provides a very detailed insight into the lives of the Jewish Community in the British Isles during the mid-nineteenth century.

Further links to the database and its associated documentation can be found online at both the UK Data Service and also the JewishGen website where a searchable version of the database is available.


A print-on-demend databse index is available to order from Lulu.  Petra Laidlaw, the principal investigator for the project, has published two related articles on this work, entitled “Jews in the British Isles in 1851” in the Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol.53 No.1, 2011 (pp. 29-56) and Vol.55 No.1 2013 (pp. 114-157).