As part of our ongoing work with the Living Refugee Archive and civic engagement, we are very interested in exploring how oral history can be utilised to help document and preserve individual testimonies.
We were therefore very interested to read about a new project that has been undertaken by the British Library to help document the testimonies of more than 280 Holocaust Survivors.
The result of this work has been the launch of the Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust online resource. This collection of over 280 audio oral recordings were originally collected as part of two major projects: Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors’ Centre Testimony recording project (1993-1998) and the Living Memory of the Jewish Community Project organised by National Life Stories at the British Library between 1987 and 2000.
“This is a unique collection one of the largest and most extensive collections of survivor testimonies in the UK, and also one of the largest in the world.” Rob Perks, Lead Curator at the BL (CILIP Update: Holocaust Survivor Stories Online, March 2015, p.6).
Over 1,000 hours of oral history recordings have now been digitised and made available online via the Jewish Holocaust Survivors’ website. Further details can be found online as follows:
• Link: