Hopetowns Poetry Collection

We are lucky to be able to include a collection of poetry and collective writing from the Hopetowns project community writing group based in London.  Their latest publication of collective work is entitled, “Past, Present and Future: From Sudan and Syria to London With Love” and we are very pleased to be able to showcase this work as part of the Living Refugee Archive.
About Hopetowns
Hopetowns provides an oasis of hope and friendship for refugees during difficult times, bringing an end to the isolation and encouraging self-empowerment and leadership.
The London-based Hopetowns project emerged from the solidarity and support structures of the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp in northern France. Spearheaded by one of the former Calais camp community leaders, Hopetowns aims to support the successful integration and well-being of refugees into British society, by starting at the early stage of an individual’s asylum process.
Since February 2018, Hopetowns has been working to achieve its aims through concrete solutions to everyday problems intertwined with a welcoming atmosphere and emotional support. Our current programme has seen great success and widespread interest among refugees in London, with many of our classes having been attended by up to twenty-five students at a time.

Past, Present and Future: From Sudan and Syria to London With Love

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