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Watch a growing archive of films, documentaries, research and art-based videos about the situation of displaced communities produced by partner organisations and individuals of the Living Refugee Archive.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these videos are solely those of the speakers and not those of the Living Refugee Archive.

Untitled 2015, (working title)
by Luisa Spina, artist.

In this video I explored the celebratory aspect of bringing together ‘difference’ and juxtaposed it with moments in which this possibility is interrupt and disturbed. Our own security can be shaken any time by uncontrollable and unpredictable causes. We can all in fact found ourselves defendless, shaken and uprooted.

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Everyday Borders
CMRB, 2015

“Although the 2014 Immigration Act is introducing the border into our everyday lives in many different ways, we became particularly concerned with how it’s introducing further bordering processes into areas of health, employment, education and housing.” Dr. Georgie Wemyss, CMRB.

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Doing Research and Ethnographic Fieldwork in Conflict Zone in Bangladesh

This documentary film features a detailed interview with Dr Rumana Hashem about her ethnograhic fieldwork and anlytical approaches to her PhD research. The film focuses on the research methods and approaches used for understanding and analysing a 27-year armed conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and the tools and techniques applied in gathering data on gendered violence in post-conflict situation in Southeast Bangladesh.  In this film produced by SAGE,  Dr Hashem also talks about the emotional vulnerability involved in the reserach process, and the dangers and harms she has encountered during her fieldwork in the conflict zone. The film concludes by highlighting how applying critical anti-oppressive methods, narratology, intersectional feminist methodology enahnced the research process and enabled the researcher overcome dangers and tackle challenges related to partcipants anonymity, self-harm and assoicated social science’s research ethics.

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‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’

‘Crafting Resistance’ examines how craftwork made by political prisoners during their internment in the 1970s by the military regime led by General Pinochet.

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Inside My Heart

At the peak of the refugee and migrant crisis, three families are forced to flee war-torn Syria and Afghanistan, seeking safe harbour on foreign shores.

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Memories of Mogadishu

“Mogadishu is a city that exists in the stories of its inhabitants, now displaced in various parts of the world, and only thanks to their memories can it be reconstructed.” – Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Far from Mogadishu 

Memories of Mogadishu, a documentary film directed by Somali-Canadian filmmaker Asha Siad.

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