Displaced Voices 1 Cover Page

Displaced Voices: A Journal of Migration, Archives and Cultural Heritage

Volume 1 (Summer 2020)

ISSN:  2633-2396

Table of Contents

Displaced Voices

Content for First Edition of the Journal.

Editorial - Why Displaced Voices?
By Paul V. Dudman


Current Issues

Disorientations on Place and Displacement
By Nithya Rajan

“Too black to be Moroccan” and “too Afrikan to be Black-British”
By Anonymous Immigrant and Rumana Hashem

On Weaponizing Fear and Controlling Movement: Scaremongering and Migration amid Coronavirus
By Jasmin Lilian Diab


`Human Interest Stories’: An Aspect of the History of Refugees and the Refugee Regime.
By Peter Gatrell and Team.

Multimedia Piece

Drowning by Numbers
By Nergis Canefe
See Also: Online Exhibition at www.livingrefugeearchive.org/exhibitions/drowning-by-numbers-online-exhibition-by-nergis-canefe/


Archive and Oral History Issues

Identity Artefacts and Memory as Pedagogy
By Mary-Rose Puttick

“Resistance is our Culture”:  An Archival Exploration of Oromo Diaspora Organizing
By M. Jaye Bass

Resisting the Trauma Story:  Ethical Concerns in the Oral History Archive
By Katherine Randall, Katarina M. Powell,
and Brett L. Shadle

Mirch Masala: British Interactions with South Asian Culture from 1960-1990
By Kiran Khan

Bengali Music and Musicians in the UK Oral History Project 
By Valentine Harding and Julie Begum


Poems and Artwork.
by Sonia Quintero

Poetry by HopeTowns:  Creative Writing Project with Refugees
See Also: Hopetowns Online Archive at: www.livingrefugeearchive.org/archives/hopetowns-poetry-archive/

Thematic Section on Kashmir

Narrating the Pandit Exodus: A Study of Indian Administrate Kashmir 
By Tajamul Maqbool

Partition and Legacies of Violence: A Study of Kashmir Conflict
By Inamul Haq

Book Reviews


By Paul V. Dudman       


Displaced Voices 1 Cover Page