Living Refugee Archive FAQ COVID-19 Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Should I Submit?

This is a good question. We are looking to collect both personal narratives documenting your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be any form …. a written diary (digital or handwritten); a photograph(s); a video; a specially recorded Vox Pop for the Archive; artwork and/or multimedia responses documenting your experiences; poetry or creative writing. Anything that you feel captures your experience of COVID-19 and can be linked someway to broad issues of displacement. We are also looking to collect news stories; publications (physical and virtual); artwork and multimedia; photographs and videos; research data and related materials on the impact of the global pandemic in relation to broad issues of displacement.

Do you prefer any particular formats for the Archive?

We can accept any format, so please select what options work best for you.

Can My Submission Include Multiple Formats?

Of course. The broader range of formats we receive, the more comprehensive the Archive will be and the more reflective of the stories that can be told.

Can Submissions be Anonymous or be Submitted using a Pseudonym?

Of course, we want this Archive to be as safe a place as e can make it to help enable participants to feel comfortable and honest with the materials they may want to submit.

Can My Submission be Restricted for a Period of Time?

Yes of course. We are currently planning to offer the option to restrict materials for a period of 5 years from the date f submission. If this would be of interest for you, please contact the UEL Archivist Paul Dudman via

How can I submit materials to the Archive?

For our virtual archive on the Living Refugee Archive and for enquiries, please complete and submit our dedicated Online Form. If you wish to submit physical items, you are welcome to drop this off at UEL Archives or post them to the following address once our Campuses have reopened (currently updated details can be found online here):

Paul V. Dudman
UEL Archives
Library, Archives and Learning Services
Docklands Campus
4-6 University Way
London, E16 2RD

When can I submit materials?

We are accepting submissions now and the call will ne open-ended for the foreseeable future.