Can I contribute to the Living Refugee Archive?

One of the core aims for the Living Refugee Archive is to help encourage and facilitate networking and the sharing of news, views and ideas bwtween students, researchers, academic staff and practitioners within the fields of refugees, migration, conflict and displacement studies.

We would very much welcome your participation on this site and we would strongly encourage you to consider sharing a contribution with us.  We have an active Living Refugee Archive blog on this website and we would be very interested in receiving new contributions for the Living Refugee Archive in the form of:

  • Blog Posts: On issues relating to refugee, forced migraton, conflict, displacement and related fields of study.
  • News and Current Affairs: We would be interested in circulating details of forthcoming events, calls for papers, new online resources, and events including conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures.
  • Policy: Articles on policy-related topics.
  • Audio-Visual: Including details of new exhibitions, photo-journalism, oral histories, documentaries and filmes, etc.
  • New Publications: Details of new publications and article or report reviews within associated fields.
  • Book Reviews and Working Paper Series:  We are currently looking into the possibility of trying to establish a both a book review section for this website and also a working paper series.  If you are interested, please do get in touch.

If you are interested in submitting a contribution to us, please contact us via email at:  with a draft title and summary of your propsed content.  We are keen to encourage contributions so please do contact us however “draft” your content might be.  We can then discuss this further with you.

We encourage comments and feedback for all our contributions and encourage the sharing of our content through social media.  The Living Refugee Archive can be followed on both Twitter and Facebook.