Vox Pops

As part of our project to collect oral histories, we thought it might be useful if we could provide a selection of slightly more informal two-minute Vox Pops on a range of topics relating to both Archives and the documenting of the refugee experiences.  The term “Vox Pop” is derived from the Latin phrase Vox populi which can be translated as meaning the “voice of the people.”  We thought this might be a useful way of collecting new material for the Living Refugee Archive to collect a number of these vox pops from willing participants.  We have selected several possible vox pop questions that we would like our participants to answer and these are as follows:


1)    What are then benefits in using archives for teaching?

2)    How can oral history help document the refugee experience?

3)    How can we best utilise the Living Refugee Archive to document the refugee experience?

4)    What are your experiences of using the Refugee Council Archive at UEL?

5)    Can you recommend a project you think the Archive should work on?

6)    Have you heard about the Refugee Council Archive at UEL?  Would you use it and what should it contain?

7)    What are the issues facing voluntary sector archives today?

Refugee-Supporting Organisations

8)    What are the key issues in Refugee Studies?

9)    What are the key issues faced by your organisation at the moment?


Local Communities

10)  Are certain communities under-represented with archival collections?

11)  How can civic engagement be used to enhance archival collections?

12)  Should we document and preserve refugee voices?

We currently have the following oral histories available to listen to online. Please select one from the list below.