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Maher’s Story

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My name is Maher Aserha, I have studied business accounting in Lebanon and I was studied Electronic codes in Syria. I am 30 years now, I came to Lebanon at the end of 25th, Dec 2012, and I was settled in Lebanon.

When I came to Lebanon I feel safe, very positive and full of hope, I thought I might get rid of the situation of war which I used to live it in Syria. I feel very positive to go out and walk around to find any job and do some work so as to get some money to save some for living expenses such as food and drink, and some for my family. I thought not just depends on my family all the time in my life, but I have to do some work myself.

  Also, I wasn’t thought at all in my life about the field of volunteering and I was not thought about the field of humanitarian associations or anything like that, but I was thinking I will work in Syria as an Accountant and I find a job in any company in a supermarket or anywhere else working as an accountant. Thank God, the Creator of the world, I have worked with Inter-Source organization as a volunteer, and with an inspiring team called (Molham), and with another organization team called Olive. I am very happy with the situation that I have reached by means of knowledge and public relations with people and everything is great right now. Thanks to God that everything I have expected I have reached in Lebanon. In addition to my study at the university, which I was studied in Syria.  I have got an offer at Spark University with a phone call, they called me and they said we are from Spark University, and you have an access exam or assessment test at the Lebanese International University.

Though I went to them and I have taken the exam and the news was very well, many thanks to God.  I am initially a volunteer with the inspirational team Mulham and with the commissioner Inter-Source, but we worked with the inspired team’s Mulham in Ramadan and we do more work for them than the commission once.  When we had the distribution days rations for the people at the end of the house and we have a breakfast bar in the heart of the house with children.

For volunteering, post-university and such things like that.  For example, my working days at the university starting at 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, and after I finish the university, I return back to home to do some work with an inspiring team Molham, where we can do some  volunteering work from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

 However, in the days which we don’t have to distribute Iftar or no works on it, then all our works have to be in the heart of the house as volunteers to serve the children.  I said to myself, I do not have to worry about it. He asked, did you have this dream to help everyone who needs it explicitly from the back home?  In fact, I think I have this dream to help everyone who needs help since I was in Syria and while I have been over here I have tended not to refuse any application if someone asks or need help for any limit, regardless of how difficult it could be?

Whether by means of someone or if I could be the personal assistant. I could have my own team, for example, my own volunteer group or maybe the sources that supply us, and if we could able to help you with your case is great, and if we can’t  help you at that time with anything maybe next time, but be with my volunteer groups until we develop our situation to be far better and relatively by the will of God.