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Taqa’s Story

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Read this story, it was the story about my friend Taqa Al Moussawi and how her experience of volunteering with some institutions in Lebanon, it was helping her to get an opportunity a scholarship in Canada.

 My name is Taqa Al Moussawi from Iraq I lives in Lebanon for several years and during the time I was over there, I worked as a volunteer in several institutions including Makhzoumi Foundation as an access activist and Amel Foundation as a teacher in addition to other institutions.

I have gained a lot of positive experiences from volunteering work because I used to be a very shy person and I used to avoid talking while there are many people in the room. However, after volunteering work I have exceeded my feeling of being shyness, also, I have discovered my love to speak out loud and addressing people anywhere. In addition to my other skills: such as self-confidence and dependence on myself.  I have learned a lot of skills including leadership skills, timekeeping and management.

Volunteering work helped me out to get to know many wonderful people and by means of them I have got to know a Canadian institution called World University Service of Canada (WUSC) it’s very interested care of students in Lebanon and Jordan and from there I have got their student scholarship which gave me the opportunity to travel to Canada to study over there.

I believe that my voluntary work helped me to grantee a large part of my acceptance for this scholarship because voluntary work is very important in Western countries.

In addition to that, volunteering work helped me to introduce myself to many friends and many people from different countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan, I have learned more from their cultures and the time being worked together as a part of a close team. So this was reinforcing the spirit between us as a team.

Also, the volunteering works offer many opportunities for individuals, not only for professionals to be more experts but also in terms of self-development.

However, volunteering strikes a person from many things except our humanity and it will rather help us to develop our community where we live, or somewhere in the community we host. As usual, I believe in this quote: “A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple”.

 In my opinion, I think this it should be considered as the basis of voluntary work, because when you give some of your effort and time to help someone voluntarily, though, maybe that person will do the same thing sometimes for somebody else, and so these waves will keep going.


Do you have a similar story of voluntary work experience like Taqa?  If so, please do share it with us in the comments.